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We are looking for people who want to make the most of
their legal and financial knowledge experience.

We are looking for people who share the following motto


Those who are planning to use the knowledge of
both lawyers and CPAs in their work.

It may seem surprising, but when a CPA attorney joins a general law firm, his or her knowledge of CPA is almost never used.

The reason for this is simple: general law firms are only asked to handle cases that can be handled by professional lawyers.

Even if you have the professional qualifications of both parties, if you are unable to utilize the knowledge and experience of both parties, it is nothing but a waste of treasure.

We are pursuing a field where we can maximize the knowledge of both parties by presenting ourselves as a firm of lawyers and CPAs.


Those who are not only lawyers and CPAs,
but also those who want to further improve their skills.

If you sit on your laurels as a lawyer and a certified public accountant and do not want to further improve your skills, you can be sure that those qualifications will become obsolete.

Naturally, the contents of legal accounting are frequently revised every year. In order to catch up with the latest information, our office has set up study sessions to work on it.

We are not limited to legal and financial matters, but also have a wide range of ambitions in terms of languages and other expertise.

Our office is always open to visiting the offices of attorneys and CPAs who are interested in becoming CPA lawyers.

If you are interested, please use the form below to contact us accordingly.

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