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Mergers and Acquisitions
(Business Succession, Business Revitalization, Inheritance Measures)

There are two types of mergers and acquisitions, namely business succession and venture investment, both of which require knowledge of both legal and financial aspects. In addition, knowledge of legal and financial matters is also necessary in areas such as business restructuring and inheritance. Mergers and acquisitions are often incorporated into these schemes. Trident has handled many of these cases, and in addition to our accumulated knowledge and experience, we are constantly reviewing schemes in response to the latest legal and tax system revisions.

Window dressing, fraud investigation (forensics) and
scandal response

Window dressing, fraud, and scandals often require examination of financial documents, which requires knowledge of these matters. On the other hand, it is also essential to consider the legal aspects, such as whether it is illegal or not, and whether the perpetrators can be sued for damages or criminally prosecuted. At Trident, we not only act as a third party committee in response to misconduct cases, but also conduct thorough investigations of clandestine fraud from both legal and financial perspectives. We are also well versed in the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and can provide appropriate advice on whether to accept a plea bargain.

Compliance with the Financial Instruments and
Exchange Act and stock exchange support

Listed companies and companies preparing for listing are required to comply with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and TSE rules. In addition, knowledge of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law is also essential when forming and managing funds. However, since these rules are complex and frequently amended, making appropriate judgments in the midst of day-to-day operations can be a daunting task. In particular, timely disclosures other than securities reports and quarterly reports are usually not checked by audit firms, which places a heavy burden on corporate disclosure staff. At Trident, we provide legal advice not only on financial matters but also on whether disclosure is necessary in the first place and, if so, when it should be made and what kind of content is most appropriate considering the impact on investors. We also provide support on other matters related to the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and TSE rules from a broad perspective.

Outside Directors and Outside Corporate Auditors, etc

The demand for outside directors and outside corporate auditors at listed companies continues to grow, but many companies are struggling with the problem of a lack of suitable personnel. In addition to the expertise of lawyers and other professionals, financial knowledge and experience are also important for outside directors and outside auditors. This is because the Board of Directors and the Board of Corporate Auditors have to deal with a lot of financial data. In this regard, many of the CPA attorneys at Trident have served as outside directors of various listed companies. In addition, they are knowledgeable about the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, TSE rules, and how to deal with audit firms through their audit experience. Based on this knowledge and experience, we provide advice from both legal and financial perspectives, not only to keep a check on corporate activities but also to provide proactive plans.